Has a streaker ever scored?

Mark Roberts the streaker caught by security
Mark Roberts the streaker caught by security

Mark Roberts has scored at least two goals while streaking for over 380 times since his first streak over ten years.

If you're not familiar with him, let me introduce you. The 43-year-old is an internationally known streaker who began his action back in 1993 at the Hong Kong Sevens after losing a bet at a local bar.

Roberts, who has also streaked at the Miss World contest, the Ashes Series, the UEFA Cup Final, Super Bowl XXXVII, scored in the Worthington Cup match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield in 2000 and the 2002 Champions League final, between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen.

At Anfield, Roberts took a pass from Gianfranco Zola, who started laughing when saw him runnning and passed him the ball, and he ran through the whole Chelsea team before unleashed his best shot past a half-hearted Ed de Goey.

In the Champions League final, at Hampden Park, he ripped off his suit before stealing the ball, running past two Leverkusen defenders and finding keeper Hans-Jorg Butt no match for his finishing prowess.

Roberts is not the only streaker to find the back of the net. In December 1998, during an interruption in Reading's 1-0 win over Notts County at the Madejski stadium, a fan ran on to the field, kissed the ground and scored past the County keeper before evading a steward and disappearing into the crowd.

These goals didn't count because they occurred during breaks in play (both of Roberts' efforts came during the half-time interval), but even if a streaker were to find the net during a game, it wouldn't count.

Law 10, The Method of Scoring, says that a goal can only be given if no infringement has been made by the team scoring the goal. A streaker would be an ineligible player; a team cannot field more than 11, so there would be no goal.

And for fun, perhaps you want to see a love story between two streakers here. It's a very funny story so please check it out.

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